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Co-op Frozen Meal Deal 2022

The Co-op Frozen Meal Deal gives you a chance to fill your freezer for less!

This bargain offer includes five family favourites for you to snap up, all for just £5. 

Couple shopping for meal deals

It’s a great opportunity to save money on a shopping basket of goodies – the normal retail price of the items together would be more than twice the price! 

If you’re looking to save money on groceries then it’s a great deal to take advantage of!

Co-op £5 frozen meal deal 

The Co-op freezer filler meal deal is a brilliant way to save money on food. 

It’s a bundle deal of a specific set of five items. 

The good thing is the deal tends to have a good selection of items that can add up to make a meal or a series of meals for your family, including pudding! 

Co-op changes the selected food items in the deal every month. 

All of the items will need to be in stock so that you can purchase them together in order for you to get the discount. 

The amount you actually save on the Co-op meal deal varies, as the number and normal retail price of what gets included in the bundle fluctuates.

However the overall saving – looking at the normal sold separately price of the items of the deal – is usually around 50% or more, so it’s worth having!

Latest Co-op meal deal  

The last Co-op meal deal features fish and chips and ice cream – all together for £5. These products would usually cost £10.45 when sold separately.

Items included in May’s Co-op £5 frozen meal deal (with the normal price when sold separately in brackets) are: 

  • Birds Eye Fish Fingers (£1.80)
  • Birds Eye Battered Extra Large Fish Fillets (£3.50)
  • Birds Eye Peas (£1.50)
  • McCain Oven Chips (£1.85)
  • Vienetta Vanilla Ice Cream (£1.80)

A previous deal offered chicken nuggets, a garlic bread, wedges, onion rings and ice cream. Another one featured chicken burgers, chicken grills, mixed veg, potato waffles and ice cream.

This just gives you an idea of the selection of items that go into the Co-op Drop Deal.

co-op frozen meal deal

Co-op £5 Freezer Fillers deal terms 

In order to snap up this tasty deal you will need to get ALL of the items on the list, so if one is out of stock you can’t benefit from the discount. 

You cannot swap out items that are out of stock for anything else – it has to be the items on the Co-op’s list. 

£5 Freezer filler meal deal from the Co-op

You can order these items online for delivery, or reserve for collection from a local participating store. 

If you want to get the deal during an in store shop please note that only some Co-op stores participate in the deal. You can find your local Co-op here.   

Co-op meal deal student discount

It’s also worth remembering that if you are a student with a Totum, NUS Apprentice Extra or Young Scot card you can save 10% off your Co-op shop as long as you show your card at the till! 

Taking advantage of this discount means your Co-op meal deal will cost just £4.50. A great way for students to stock up on food! 

Other Co-op deals 

The £5 Freezer Fillers is just one of the deals that Co-op offers to its customers. 

Under the Big Co-op Deal Drop in March you can grab everything you need to make a spaghetti bolognese, plus a tub of ice cream, for £5.87. These items would normally cost double the price.  

You can get access to more exclusive deals by joining the Co-op Membership scheme. This costs £1 and unlocks a selection of deals just for you.

It’s similar to other supermarket loyalty card schemes, including money off your shopping bill and discounts on specific products.

Great ways to save money on food 

The Co-op’s freezer filler deal is just one way you can save money on your groceries. 

I’ve got a whole article filled with tips on saving money on your weekly food shop

It’s also worth checking out the Too Good To Go app – which Co-op is signed up to. This app sells bags of food that is close to expiration for less than half the price in some cases. It’s well worth checking out. 

You can also read up on my frugal living tips

Co-op £5 meal deal