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What time do supermarkets reduce food prices

If you want to save serious money on your supermarket shop then the yellow sticker reductions are a fantastic way to do it.

Most of the big supermarkets reduce food prices towards the end of the day – although some start right after the lunchtime rush – in order to shift food that is set to expire the following, or same, day. 

If they don’t sell the produce today, then it cannot be sold so they are much better off getting even 50 per cent of the usual price than getting nothing at all!

For this reason it is well worth being tactical about when you visit the supermarket during the day. You could bag some serious bargains. 

If you’re looking to save money on your food shopping it’s well worth checking out this guide! 

But what time do supermarkets reduce food prices? Read on to find out. 

When do supermarkets yellow sticker food?

Most supermarkets start adding yellow stickers to food they need to sell in the late afternoon or early evening. Visit at 7pm and you’re likely to have plenty of choice when it comes to bagging a bargain. 

Some supermarkets will have a yellow sticker section where various different types of products are placed together. However some will sticker the products and leave them in their normal place in store, so have a good look around and figure out where your branch’s yellow sticker section is!

Once you know roughly what time your own supermarket starts to add discounts on food then you can play your shop around that. The only disadvantage may be that if you have kids this time of day is likely to be inconvenient for popping out with young kids in tow. For me personally 7pm is the kids’ bedtime so it’s the last time of day I want to be heading out the door for groceries. 

Try planning ahead so that you can get out to the shops while your other half stays in with the kids, or ask them to drop into the supermarket. 

What foods do supermarkets yellow sticker?

Supermarkets will add yellow stickers indicating a product has gone down in price when that product is close to its best by or expiry date. 

You will spot the yellow stickers on products throughout the store. Yellow stickers will go on absolutely anything including: 

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables including bagged salad 
  • Ready meals 
  • Fresh meat
Woman shopping at the right time for supermarket yellow ticket price discounts

How much can you save with supermarket reductions?

Some foods may be discounted by just a few pence, but it all adds up if you’re buying regularly from the discount aisle. Some product prices will be slashed by as much as 90 per cent. 

The only way you can lose out by targeting the supermarket reduction produce is if you buy food that you never eat. 

So be sure when you do pick up your supermarket bargains that you freeze them on the day of purchase (if they are suitable for home freezing) if you don’t wish to eat them that day. 

Supermarket reduction times 

So when does your preferred supermarket start to reduce prices of food and add yellow stickers to products?

It’s a tricky balancing act to find the best bargains, as arrive too early and the biggest reductions haven’t kicked in yet. Arrive too late and you won’t find as much choice! 

Here’s a supermarket-by-supermarket guide to price reduction timings so you can get the best of the bargains: 

Aldi price reduction times

Aldi supermarkets buck the trend of other big names by having its bargain hour in the morning! Yep, you heard me! First thing in the morning!

For 60 minutes at the start of the day Aldi reduced food up to 50 per cent below its original price. 

A spokesperson for Aldi told Chronicle Live: “All items are reduced to 50 per cent of the recommend sales price before stores open on their best before or use by dates.”

Asda price reduction times

Prices start being slashed at 7pm at Asda. 

Co-op price reduction times

Yellow stickers will first start appearing in Co-op at around 3pm. Bigger reductions kick in from 5pm onwards but your best time to visit is after 8pm when foods may be reduced to as much as 75 per cent off. 

Lidl price reduction times

The best time to get price reductions in Lidl is first thing in the morning when the branch opens. 

Morrisons price reduction times

Like Aldi, Morrisons offers its best price reductions in the morning. Staff will add yellow stickers to discount items overnight, so the best time to get reduced prices is first thing in the morning when the store opens. 

Sainsbury’s price reduction times

The time of reduction depends on the branch, so visit your local Sainsbury’s and figure out when the yellow stickers appear! Some will start at 1.30pm and others start at 7pm. 

The best reductions will kick in after 7pm. 

M&S price reduction times 

The M&S yellow sticker time starts at 5pm, with final reductions at 6.30pm for shops that close at 7pm and final reductions at 8pm for shops with a closing time of 9pm. 

You may even catch some earlier discounts after lunchtime in some stores. 

Some shoppers have reported bagging £85 worth of food for just £14! Now that’s a bargain!

Tesco price reduction times 

Discounts on Tesco products will increase throughout the final day it is on sale before it expires. Visit your local store after 8pm and you’re likely to find the very best bargains. 

Waitrose price reduction times

The biggest price cuts appear around two hours before closing but some yellow sticker discounts will start after the lunchtime rush. 

You may get items for as much as 50 per cent off if you wait until two hours before the branch closing time. 

Woman shopping for reduced products in the supermarket at yellow ticket time

When else can you find supermarket reductions?

Although most supermarkets will add yellow sticker reductions at some point every day, there are also certain days of the year when you can bag even bigger savings. 

On Christmas Eve supermarkets are looking to shift products that won’t be in demand the day after, such as turkeys, packs of stuffing and festive ham. For this reason you can bag your turkey for Christmas Day the night before at a hugely reduced price, as long as you’re willing to wait until the last-minute to pick it up. 

It’s a similar story with other holidays such as New Year’s Eve. Many supermarkets sell packs of party food which will be cut right back in price on the day. 

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Tips for getting the most out of yellow sticker deals at supermarkets 

Ask the staff

Wondering when the discounts start in your supermarket or keep finding the yellow sticker section has been cleared out when you arrive? Why not ask a member of staff in your local branch?

Ask what time they typically add their final reductions to products and then you will know when to visit for the best deals. 

Smaller stores often have the bigger discounts

Smaller branches of the big name supermarkets often have the best discounts. This is partly because they don’t have so much space to store stock at the end of the day and need to shift stuff to make space on the shelves. 

If you have the choice between a larger branch and a smaller branch, head for the smaller one to see if you can bag some better deals. 

What time do supermarkets reduce prices