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Making Money & Saving Money

Make your money go further & boost your savings.

Ways to make money from home & flexible work ideas.

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I’m Vicky Smith, a mother of two girls who makes money from home.

Here at More Than A Mummy I share with you all of my best tips for flexible work, side hustles and saving money. By taking control of your finances you can spend less time stressing over your budget and more time enjoying your family life.

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Help your kids become money-savvy

Want to help your kids learn about personal finance, budgeting and just generally become more money-savvy? Check out the Mini Money Masters book – written by Vicky’s husband and More Than A Mummy writer Adam Smith.

Written with kids in mind to give them an introduction to money. This essential guide for children aged 6-10 is the perfect introduction to understanding money and the importance of saving and avoiding debt.
Your child will also learn the principles of earning money, how to spend it wisely and how to avoid financial pitfalls such as expensive in-app purchases and online scams.

Mini Money Masters is a ‘learn and earn’ book meaning there’s the opportunity for children to earn extra pocket money by answering questions at the end of each chapter.

Clever ways to save money

The best tips for saving money including amazing hacks for tight budgets and the best tools to help you save cash.

Ways to make extra money

Ideas for boosting your budget and bringing in extra income. Cool side hustles that will make you extra money from home, plus ideas to kick-start your own money-making business and work for yourself!