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How to feed a family of 4 for £30 a week

Looking to cut the cost of your weekly family food shop?

There are two very simple things you need to do to keep your costs down: Plan your meals and shop at a budget supermarket. 

Every supermarket has offers apparently taking the prices down on a range of goods every week, but these prices are often a little misleading. 

Woman doing the weekly food shop for her family

Sometimes the cost of something has been artificially inflated the week before to make the reduction look more inviting. Other times it may be reduced at one supermarket, but still significantly cheaper the week after. 

You can find tons of tips for how to save money on food over on this post. 

This post will give you a look at our family’s weekly meal plan plus a fully costed shopping list. 

The following family meal plan and shopping list has been created based on prices at Aldi. 

I calculated the costs based on some offers Aldi had going, so prices of course may vary from week to week. 

I recommend picking your fruit and veg based on their weekly special offers, which take a decent chunk off the cost. 

So this week I chose their broccoli and cabbage to go with our roast dinner, but I would change this if there was a different selection of vegetables in the deal. 

My big tips for writing your weekly meal plan are: 

  • Think about leftovers. How can you use the same ingredients again the next day? If you are cooking something easy to bulk out, like a pasta dish, cook some extra pasta and make enough for another portion the next day for lunch or dinner. 
  • Avoid waste. Remember to plan how to use up all of your veg. An entire head of cabbage will go a long way and could be used in two or three meals for a family. Add it to stir fries or on the side of a variety of meals, just make sure you use it before it goes off. 
  • Know the costs! Be aware of the general price of the things you buy frequently. Shop around and see where does them cheaper. Aldi and Lidl are generally beating the other large supermarket chains on price, although of course you may not get all the branded goods you want at these stores.

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Weekly £30 meal plan for a family of 4

This is a very typical meal plan for our family for a week. 

These meals are all popular with everyone and include plenty of vegetables. 

I’ve linked out to the recipes for some of the dishes. Our homemade pizza is made with Jamie Oliver’s pizza base recipe. This one is super simple and makes a great base. All you need to do is add some passata on top then you can grate a little cheese over it and top with meat, peppers or cherry tomatoes if you wish. 

Our meatballs and pasta recipe is a family favourite. I simply fry the meatballs then add a tin of chopped tomatoes to the pan and cook for around 20 minutes. Sometimes I add a meat stock cube for extra flavour and some dried herbs. 


Breakfast – Scrambled eggs on toast 

Lunch – Toasted cheese sandwiches 

Dinner – Roast chicken dinner with roast potatoes, broccoli and cabbage 


Breakfast – Porridge with honey 

Lunch – Chicken sandwiches 

Dinner – Leftover roast chicken with chips and peas 


Breakfast – Cereals 

Lunch – Chicken soup 

Dinner – Meatballs and pasta


Breakfast – Jam on toast 

Lunch – Cheese sandwiches 

Dinner – Lamb and mashed potato with broccoli and cabbage


Breakfast – Porridge with honey 

Lunch – Leftover lamb sandwiches 

Dinner – Mushroom risotto with asparagus (I do a very basic risotto recipe simply frying the risotto rice with some diced onion in a little olive oil then adding the chopped up mushrooms before pouring in some vegetable stock a little at a time until the rice is tender)


Breakfast – Cereals 

Lunch – Cheese salad wraps 

Dinner – Tomato veggie sauce with pasta (I use the passata, saving a little for the pizza the next day, as a base for the sauce then add some chopped onion and diced carrots, you could add any other veg you like such as leeks or squash too)


Breakfast – Pancakes 

Lunch – Leftover pasta from Friday night 

Dinner – Homemade pizza 

Weekly £30 food shopping list for a family of 4

At the end of this list you will see store cupboard items such as cooking oil. These are items I purchase in bulk as and when needed, so do not include in a normal weekly shop. 

Fruit and vegetables

Potatoes (2.5kg) – £1.05

Chestnut mushrooms (250g) – 69p

Chantenay carrots (500g) – 69p

Tenderstem brocoli (250g) – 69p 

Savoy cabbage – 39p

Mixed leaf salad bag – 52p 

Asparagus tips – £1.35

Cucumber – 43p

Cherry tomatoes – 67p

Grapes – £1.19

Bananas – 69p

Apples – £1.15

Frozen peas – 55p

Meat and fish 

Lamb leg streaks (600g) – £5.99

Whole chicken – £3.09

Beef meatballs – £1.69

Pepperoni – 85p


Milk (6 pints) – £1.50

Cheddar cheese (275g) – £1.99

Greek yoghurt (500g) – 49p 


12 eggs – £1.69 

Tin chopped tomatoes – 35p

Passata – 32p

Bread loaf – 49p

Soft wraps – 75p

Frozen chips (1kg) – 75p

Porridge oats – 75p

Total cost £30.46

From the store cupboard 

Risotto rice 

Plain flour 

Strong bread flour 




Vegetable stock cubes


Olive oil 



Weekly meal plan for a family of 4 - how to feed your family for £30 a week