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35+ Best Apps That Make Money 

Want to make money with your mobile?

I’ve summarised my top picks for brilliant money-making apps that you can start making cash with in minutes! 

Some require a little time input from you – doing surveys or tasks – in order to earn your cash, while others are totally low maintenance. You set up your account and then the money comes in. 

Woman making money with apps on mobile phone

These apps aren’t going to make you a millionaire, however they will help you to make some extra cash. Some in return for absolutely nothing apart from your email address!

My personal favourite apps that make money, in terms of ease of use and not being too much of a time drain, are Airtime Rewards and TopCashback. 

I’m going to go through lots of options – including paid survey apps, tasking apps that pay, receipt scanning apps and money saving apps too! 

The brilliant thing about making money using apps is you can pick and choose how much time you spend on them – fitting it around your own schedule. It’s flexible work. 

You’ll need to keep on top of your account – which can be challenging if you have multiple apps on the go. Make sure you keep monitoring your balance and when you can cashout, take your payout as soon as possible. 

I forgot to check my Airtime Rewards app for a few months and my account went inactive, with £40 worth of credit! 

They reactivated it for me, but it’s worth remembering to keeping checking where your money is within the different apps so you remember to withdraw cash owed to you. 

On to the apps! 

This post contains affiliate links. 

Highest paying apps UK

  • Airtime Rewards 
  • iSay 
  • StreetBees 
  • Swagbucks 
  • TopCashback 
  • YouGov 

Paid survey apps 

These are apps that pay you for completing surveys. Most will have a payment threshold – where you will need to complete a certain number of surveys before they will pay. 

Some will pay in cash, such as YouGov, whereas others will reward you for your time with things like Amazon vouchers. 


This app from a London-based company offers cash payments via PayPal and promises to let you “control your data”. 

Users are paid to share opinions with brands through surveys and can choose what data they want to exchange for rewards.

Once in the app you can choose to tap on green tiles, which are for paid surveys, blue which are just for fun, and red tile, through which you donate your fee to charity. 

I found that not many paid surveys came up after I started using the app, so it’s not a big money maker but it’s straightforward to use. 

Try CitizenMe here.


The big benefit of Qmee is you can cash out at any time. However for some of your rewards you may wait as much as 90 days for them to appear in your account as available for cashing out. 

Some users report being screened out of surveys when they are already part of the way through answering questions. This is a frustrating element in some survey apps – you don’t get they issue with YouGov (more on YouGov shortly). 

Sign up for Qmee.

Ipsos iSay 

This UK based app will give you reward vouchers in exchange for points accrued for responding to surveys. 

You may also be selected for product testing. 

You will be paid in vouchers for companies such as Amazon, Decathlon, John Lewis, Tesco and iTunes. 

Sign up for Ipsos iSay.


This is a good looking app featuring some really interesting surveys. 

Streetbees will ask you things about your pets, make-up routine, computer use and more. 

Streetbees app to make money

As well as surveys Streetbees also asks you to complete tasks, such as taking videos of your routine, for example making a cup of tea, or taking photos while you are out shopping. 

Sign up for Streetbees here.


Earn points by watching videos and answering surveys and then exchange them for gift cards, such as Amazon and M&S. 

You can also earn cash to your PayPal account, however you will need to collect over 18,000 points in the app in order to swap them for £100 cash. 

This is another app however where you may get screened out halfway through a survey which can be frustrating. 

Sign up for Swagbucks here.


This survey app is a little different to the others because you will be asked for feedback via video. 

This means you need to be confident and be able to speak coherently about your opinions. 

Questions may be things like explaining your experience of using recruitment agencies. 

Payment is via PayPal and there is a £10 payout threshold. 

Sign up for VoxPopMe.


Give Vypr your views and you will be rewarded with points. Once you hit 10,000 points you can redeem these for £5 via PayPal. 

You will earn 2000 points just for downloading the app, and then around 10 to 50 points for surveys plus 100 points for answering questions while you are out and about, for example when shopping. 

Sign up to Vypr here.


You’ll be asked to take part in interesting surveys about politics, your lifestyle, budget and opinions on brands with YouGov. 

Every survey earns you points and you need 5000 points to washout £50. Payment is to your bank account. 

I personally prefer using the desktop or web version of YouGov. 

When I went to cash out my latest £50 from YouGov via the app it kept crashing, so I had to log in on my laptop to send it through. I have a Samsung android phone. 

So while I definitely recommend using YouGov, please note you may have a better user experience using a web browser rather than their app. 

Read my full review of YouGov here. 

Paid tasking apps 

Tasking apps will give you little missions to complete in exchange for earning points towards a cash payout. 

It’s a bit like being a spy – if being a spy involves taking pictures of displays at your local supermarket to report back to an app. OK, maybe it’s more like being a mystery shopper!

The great thing about these is you take on as many tasks as you can manage and do it in your own time. 

Be My Eye 

This app pays you to feedback your views and information to help big brands such as L’Oreal. 

You take your pick from missions listed on the map in your local area, book your place and then head out to complete the task. 

This may involve taking photos and answering a few questions. Sometimes you may be tasked with testing customer service at a particular shop. 

Payment is via PayPal or direct to your bank account. 

Field Agent 

This app offers mystery shopper or product feedback tasks to users. There are also surveys on the app, so you can also earn without having to leave your home! 

Payment is in cash to your bank account.

Sign up to Field Agent here.


Pick and choose from tasks in your local area. There will be more opportunities in bigger town centres, so you will be at a disadvantage if you live in a rural, remote area. 

However there are plenty of jobs to choose from if you’re near a town. 

How much you get paid depends on the task. For example a challenge to take a photo of the beers on offer at a local bar on my app pays £10. 

The tasks are reasonably well paid compared to others, however if you need to drive a long distance and pay for parking to complete them then it doesn’t necessarily work out well. 

If you can walk a short distance into town to complete the tasks and fit it around your normal shopping then it’s good extra cash. 

You need an invite code to join Roamler, however those are very easy to find in online forums or Facebook groups for survey fans. 


Once you are set up on Streetspotr you will be invited to take part in jobs once you are within 400 metres of the location. 

You will be given a time limit to complete the task – usually 12 hours – and then payment is sent to PayPal within 30 days once your work is approved. 

Sign up to Streetspotr here.

Receipt scanning apps 

These apps will let you accumulate points you can swap for payouts simply by taking pictures of receipts for your shopping and uploading them to the app. 

They’re super easy to use, although the rewards aren’t huge. Some of these apps will also give you the chance to earn extra points by doing surveys. 


This is a cash back app that pays out when you scan receipts from purchases in relevant stores. 

You can use it with retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s Morrisons, ASDA, Waitrose, Boots, Spar, Superdrug, M&S, Aldi, Lidl and more. 

Download CheckoutSmart here.


This app comes from the cash back site Quidco. 

You’ll be challenged to purchase specific featured products, then upload a copy of your receipt and cash back will be credited to your bank account. 

Supermarkets involved include Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Morrisons. 

Get more information about ClickSnap here.


This app encourages you to scan receipts and answer surveys in exchange for rewards. 

The app will accept receipts from Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose, Aldi, Lidl and Co-Op. 

You will earn five points per paper receipt and 10 points for email receipts. Every 500 points are worth £5 in gift cards. 


When you upload pictures of your receipts you will collect tokens. 

You can then exchange these for cash, paid via PayPal, or vouchers such as Amazon, iTunes and Love 2 Shop. 

You can also complete surveys on the app, with some triggered by specific receipts you forward to the app. 

Some receipts may be rejected, so you’ll want to upload every receipt you gather in order to increase your earnings potential. 

You need over 3000 tokens to get a voucher. My last receipt, for Smyths Toys, received 100 tokens. 

Download Shoppix here.


Collect receipts and upload them to this app and you will be rewarded once you hit enough coins to redeem for a gift voucher from Amazon or PayPal payment. 

Best cashback apps

You can make £100s of pounds a year by purchasing products you need through cash back apps. 

Of course it’s only saving money if you are using cash back on purchases you were going to make anyway. It’s well worth taking the time to use cash back sites, especially on big purchases. 

Always remember to cashout your cash back earnings ASAP, and don’t leave them languishing in your account as it could be marked inactive after a certain period of time. 

Here are my favourites. 

Airtime Rewards 

You can earn money off your mobile phone bill by spending money, using your normal debit or credit cards, with Airtime Rewards partners. 

It’s a little different to other cash back sites, as the money is credited to your mobile phone account. 

I personally love it because you link your normal debit card to the app, then you collect money back just by spending on that debit card. No need to click a specific link or remember to upload a receipt. 

The number of partners are a little limited, however if you shop regularly at places such as Boots and Argos then you can pick up a decent amount off your phone bill. 

I have a full review of Airtime Rewards here. 


This is one of the big two cash back sites that are the most popular in the UK. 

Using it is simple. Just set up your account on the website and then be sure to click their link to the company you want to make a purchase from, for example Argos. 

Quidco has partnerships with retailers that mean it gets paid for referring you to a brand, and then they will share some of that payment with you. 

You can pay £1 a month to get premium membership with Quidco, which earns you boosted cash back. 


After setting up an account with OhMyDosh you will be able top browse offers through the site – such as money off a particular service or subscription like Simply Cook. 

Then you purchase through the app, and you will receive your cash back! 

You can cash out once you have hit £10. Payment is via PayPal or direct to your bank account. 

Sign up for OhMyDosh here.


This works in much the same way os Quidco. 

Top Cashback also has a Plus membership scheme, which costs £5 a year. Being a member means you can get higher cash back rates and bonuses. 

Sign up to Top Cashback here.

Other money making apps 

These apps offer alternative ways to make extra cash. Some can connect you with potential freelance work or help you make money simply by walking, or even just by using your phone. 


Find customers for your freelance services using the Fiverr app. 

People are using the app to make money for a whole range of services, such as website design, website management, logo design, illustration, voiceover work, freelance writing and help with social media. 

Fiverr will charge you for transactions, when people pay you after employing you through the site, but you don’t have to pay a subscription to list your services. 

Check out Fiverr here.


You can earn Amazon gift cards simply by downloading the MobileXpression app onto your phone  and allowing it to monitor your phone use. 

This obviously isn’t for everyone, although the app swears it will not view or save text messages. 

The company says you can earn enough credits for a £10 Amazon card in just two weeks. 

Sign up to MobileXpression here.

Pocket Bounty 

This app is a bit of a tasking and survey app rolled into one. 

After downloading you can earn coins by watching videos and completing offers. You’ll be paid by PayPal or with gift cards from Amazon or the Play store. 

Download Pocket Bounty here.


Users of this app earn sweatcoins in exchange for downloading the app and just letting it run in the background. It will count your steps, and for every 1,000 steps you earn 0.95 sweatcoins. 

Setting aside the fact a sweatcoin does not sound particularly appealing, the idea behind the app is sound as it is encouraging you to get active. 

However because of the volume of sweatcoins you need to earn in order to exchange them for rewards such as Amazon gift cards, it’s not going to make you much money and you’ll be waiting a long time to get anything from it! 

Once you have earned enough coins you can exchange them for offers with brands like Boohoo and Sky via the in-app marketplace. 

Join Sweatcoin here.


Could you help people living near you with tasks such as building flat pack furniture, moving boxes in a lorry, pet sitting or fixing a leaking toilet?

TaskRabbit will connect you with people looking for help in their home or with technical issues. It’s a great way of finding work if you are getting started with a business. 

Having said that there are more opportunities in big cities. 

Sign up to TaskRabbit here.

Selling your stuff apps 

There’s probably money sitting in your loft, garage and cupboards! Having a clear out and selling your stuff is a simple, quick way to make extra cash. 

These apps make it easy to sell your unwanted furniture, DVDs, books and clothes. 


You can sell men’s and women’s clothes, jewellery and other items on this website. 

Facebook Marketplace 

This is my favourite place to sell unwanted stuff as there are no fees. Uploading a listing is easy via the Facebook app.

I recommend joining lots of local buy and sell groups in order to increase your chances of finding a buyer for your stuff. 

Kids toys sell particularly well on this marketplace. 

Music Magpie 

This is an app that will take old books, CDs, DVDs and tech off your hands. 


A free listings site allowing you to sell clothes, furniture, DVDs and and more. 


Another free listings site that will connect sellers with buyers for a whole range of second hand things. 


This app encourages you to declutter your wardrobe in order to make extra cash. There are no fees for listing or seller fees either. 

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Money saving apps

We’ve focused on money making apps here, but what about apps that save you money on the stuff you need to buy?

Here are a few top apps that can help you save cash on your shopping!

Petrol Prices 

Struggling with the cost of fuel recently? I certainly have seen a huge difference in the price of filling my tank so I try to stay on top of the best place in my area to fill up. 

The Petrol Prices app makes it easy to see exactly where the cheapest fuel is being sold in your area. 

You may be surprised at the huge variation within a radius of less than four miles from your home. I found the difference in price between the cheapest garage and the most expensive garage was more than 14p a litre. 


I love the ethos behind this cool app, which helps to fight food waste. 

Simply create an account and tell Olio where you live and it will show you a list of unwanted food in your local area. 

You will need to head out to collect the food, but it’s a great way of getting food for free and combating waste. 

What you get may well be not long away from its expiry date, so you’ll need to use it quickly. 

Sainsbury’s SmartShop

When you use Sainsbury’s SmartShop app or handset (picked up from the store entrance) to buy your shopping in store you unlock access to My Nectar Prices. 

These are offers on specific items – you’ll need to check which are available to you – and can work out to a great saving. 

I personally think Sainsbury’s haven’t quite nailed the convenience element of this. You have to go to the Nectar app to check what your My Nectar Prices offers are, make sure you factor those into your meal plan and shopping list and then use the SmartShop so you get the offers. 

SmartShop is very easy to use in my opinion, and saves time because you pack as you go and the SmartShop tills are always super quiet. 

But there are only 10 offers at any one time available to you and although the savings are decent, I don’t necessarily always need the items in my offers list. 

Still though, if you have a Nectar card and shop at Sainsbury’s you should definitely take advantage of these offers. 

More about My Nectar Prices here. 

Too Good To Go 

I love this food shopping app, which aims to tackle to problem of waste in the supermarket and restaurant businesses. 

You use the app to browse local businesses where “Magic Bags” are available. These bags will be a random assortment of food and drink that’s on the verge of going off or is on its best before date. 

What you get will be random, so you’ll need to be creative and prepared to think on your feet with cooking from the ingredients. 

I particularly love the Morrisons Magic Bag, which has had tons of fresh fruit and veg when I’ve had them. 

Check out my full review of Too Good To Go for more information. 

Final thoughts on money making apps

As you can see there is a huge range of different apps that can help you earn money as well as save money on the stuff you need to buy, such as groceries. 

Keeping on top of your various apps takes organisation and you may want to set a reminder in your phone to check in once a month, just to ensure you don’t lose out on cashing out your balance once it has cleared. 

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Best apps to make money in the UK