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Best Clothes Brands To Sell on eBay UK

Trying to clear out your wardrobe and wondering what clothes to sell on eBay?

If you’ve got clothing in good condition and that’s right for the season (selling a winter coat in summer may be a challenge) then you should be able to make some extra cash selling it online. 

Sorting clothes to sell on eBay

But there are undoubtedly some brands that are more in demand than others. While some people will be happy to browse the fashion categories with a style – not a specific brand – in mind, others want a particular label. 

I’ve research the most popular clothing brands on eBay by looking at the categories on the auction site. I also checked out this great interview with eBay Preloved boss Emma Grant about eBay’s top selling secondhand clothes.

To help you pick out the items in your wardrobe that are most likely to sell – or if you’re looking to buy and resell clothes to make some extra money – here are the top clothes brands on eBay UK. 

I’ve made hundreds of pounds selling my old clothes online and it’s such a satisfying easy way to make extra cash

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Most popular clothes to sell on eBay 

Best clothing to sell on eBay
  • Adidas – Menswear and womenswear 
  • All Saints – Womenswear 
  • Barbour – Coats and jackets, footwear 
  • Bench – Menswear 
  • Calvin Klein – Menswear and womenswear 
  • Enzo – Menswear 
  • Footasylum – Trainers, menswear & sportswear 
  • Ganni – Womenswear 
  • H&M – Womenswear and kids clothes
  • Hush – Womenswear 
  • Jack & Jones – Menswear
  • Jack Wills – Menswear and womenswear
  • JD Outlet – Menswear 
  • Joules – Womenswear and kids clothing
  • Lucy & Yak – Womenswear 
  • Lululemon – Womenswear 
  • Mountain Warehouse – Outdoor wear 
  • Nicce – Mens sports and casual wear 
  • Nike – Sportswear and casual wear 
  • Michael Kors – Bags, womenswear and shoes 
  • Moda in Pelle – Womens shoes 
  • Oliver Bonas – Womenswear 
  • Puma – Sportswear 
  • Quiz – Womenswear 
  • Regatta – Womenswear and menswear 
  • River Island – Womenswear, menswear, kidswear and shoes
  • Seasalt – Womenswear 
  • SilkSilk – Womenswear
  • Sports Direct – Shoes and sportswear 
  • Superdry – Womenswear, menswear and shoes 
  • Sweaty Betty – Womenswear 
  • Ted Baker – Womenswear and bags 
  • Tommy Hilfiger – Menswear and womenswear 
  • Topshop – Womenswear and menswear 
  • Trespass – Shoes, jackets and outdoor wear 
  • Vans – Footwear 
  • Whistles – Womenswear 
  • White Stuff – Womenswear and kids
  • Yours – Womenswear 
  • Zara – Womenswear 

Remember that it’s not just about the brand! While these are some top selling brands in their categories, that’s not to say other brands won’t be snapped up super fast. 

Tips for selling clothes on eBay 

Clothes to sell on ebay

In order to increase your chances of selling your stuff on eBay, try these tips for getting your items seen and sold. 

Take great photos 

Pictures of the item you are selling should be taken in good light and be in focus. 

Natural light is best, so choose a place where you can hang the item of clothing so it is fully visible and take the photo with the light behind you. Light shining into the camera will impact the photo quality. 

Potential buyers want to be able to see colours, details, and the condition of the item of clothing. 

Making the item visually appealing is a huge part of being able to sell stuff quickly. 

Look for trends 

It’s not just about the brand, it’s also about what’s in style right now. 

People are always looking for copycats that are amazing replicas of high end fashion, as well as outfits celebrities have worn. 

Clothing worn by Kate Middleton frequently sells out in a flash! So if you have any repli-Kate styles you can put on eBay then go for it! 

Sell in the right season

You may find it harder to shift summer clothes during winter, and vice versa.

When it comes to clothes that sell best on eBay, you’ll find wedding guest dresses sell best from spring to summer, Christmas party outfits sell best in the festive season and loungewear and trainers can sell well all year round.

Price it right 

Do your research on eBay before you set a price. Look at similar items of the same brand that you are selling and see what they sold for. You can search under sold items to see this.

Don’t rely on the price of items that haven’t sold, as these may not have sold because they are overpriced. 

Price will be impacted by the condition of the item, so be honest about what kind of state it is in. Brand new with tags is worth more than something that’s been worn regularly, even if it is in great condition. 

Final thoughts

I hope this has given you a great idea of top clothing brands on eBay.

If you are looking to make more money from selling your stuff online then check out these top things to sell for cash.

Clothes that sell on eBay