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How to make an extra £500 this month

Need to bring home £500 extra this month?

There are lots of ways to boost your income – many of which do not involve leaving your own home. 

I started out my journey working for myself with a goal of bringing in an additional £500 a month. I found a few different side hustles and income sources that worked for me, and this has since snowballed and evolved into a full-time living! 

Woman making £500 extra from home

So whether you want to boost your income, or get the ball rolling with something that you could eventually earn even more money from I’ve got some great ideas for earning an extra £500 a month. 

Many of these can generate you instant extra cash, and many can be done from home in your own time, which is perfect if you need flexible work to fit around your family life. 

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How to make an extra £500

Clear out your stuff 

Whenever I need extra cash this is always where I begin. Decluttering is doubly great because it frees up space in your home and makes you money. 

Go through your cupboards, drawers, loft and garage looking for items such as: 

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Toys 
  • Pushchairs 
  • Bikes
  • Furniture 

You can earn hundreds of pounds if you have a large number of items to sell. Use either eBay or Facebook Marketplace to find buyers for your stuff. 

Mystery shopping 

There is a huge variety of mystery shopping opportunities out there and you’re bound to find something that fits. 

Some mystery shopping opportunities involve visiting a shop, making a purchase and then reviewing your experience. You may be paid for this, either through free products or cash or both. 

It can also involve calling help centres to test their staff or visiting a restaurant. 

There are various companies who you can sign up with to find mystery shopping opportunities. Check out these ones to get started: 

Survey sites

I love using survey sites to make extra cash because I can dip in and out of it whenever I have time, and most surveys take less than 15 minutes to complete. 

The pay isn’t great when you see how much you can earn in say an hour of surveys, but it’s a super easy and flexible way of boosting your income. 

I recommend Prolific, which pays well and has a low first payout threshold. I also enjoy YouGov, but you won’t earn monthly from this site. You need 5,000 points to get a £50 payout from YouGov and this can take the best part of a year to reach. 

Other people also really enjoy 20 Cogs and you can earn over £100 within the first two months of using this site. I have a 20 Cogs review you may like to check out. 

Switch bank accounts 

This is a quick win! Banks often have offers for new customers where they will pay you over £100 to switch your bank account. 

If you’re happy to go through the process of moving your current account this is a great way to earn some quick income! 

Try a tasks app 

Tasks apps such as Shepper challenge you to carry out checks for companies using your smartphone. This will involve some travel, as you’ll be checking things like billboards and store fronts. 

The company promises an average of £10 for 45 minutes of work. You can read more about becoming a shepherd for Shepper here.  

Check for refunds and tax breaks

Are you making the most of tax breaks or have you overpaid?

It’s worth double checking whether there is anything you can claim or are owed to boost your bank balance. 

The marriage tax allowance is worth up to £970 and it’s thought there are 2.4million eligible couples not claiming this. 

You’ll need to be married and one of you needs to be a non-taxpayer earning less then £12,570 per year and the other needs to be paying 20% basic rate tax (earning up to £50,270 a year). 

Check your expenses too and what you may be able to claim to see if you can get any tax breaks for work at home costs. 

Ways to earn £500 extra per month 

Start a blog 

Of all the side hustles that can bring in extra money every single month this is the one I come back to again and again. 

Blogging for money is a fantastic side hustle that you can grow and build into a full-time job, like I did. 

There can be a misconception about blogging that it’s all about pretty photos on Instagram and writing every personal detail of your life down for everyone to read. 

Nope this is not what making money from blogging has to look like at all!

I make money from my blog by producing helpful content for people on specific topics. This website helps people in the personal finance area – with tips on saving money and making money from home. 

My parenting blog – which regularly brings in more than £2,500 a month in revenue – helps new parents of babies and toddlers. I focus on what I can do to help the reader, not on myself!

The way I make these blogs successful is I narrow down to a particular topic and make my sites a go-to place to get advice and tips. 

Your blog – or niche website – could be anything, as long as it’s something people will be searching for on Google. 

You could start a website about: 

  • Knitting 
  • Home schooling 
  • Children’s books 
  • Vacuum cleaner reviews (yes, really, as long as you’re prepared to test them out for yourself)
  • Camping 
  • Caravans 
  • Cycling 

The list is truly endless. You will need to pick a niche that is something you are interested in and have knowledge of. Once you’ve got that, you can start to create a site with content that people will search for on Google and then monetise with advertising and/or affiliate links. 

I have a complete guide to starting a money-making blog right here. 

Become a virtual assistant 

With so many people working for themselves and/or working from home there are lots of opportunities for virtual assistants. 

A virtual assistant provides help with a huge range of things, but does so online. 

Tasks for a virtual assistant include social media support (posting to social media for their client’s business or replying to messages and comments), replying to emails, managing an online calendar, setting up Zoom meetings and so on. 

You can get started by finding local business groups on Facebook and asking if anyone is looking for VA services. You can also try jobs sites such as Indeed. 

Testing websites and search engines 

There are lots of businesses that need users to give them feedback on their websites and apps. 

You’ll be asked to check things like the look of the site, how easy it is to navigate and if it actually works in the way it needs to. 

How much you can earn from these jobs varies 

You’ll need a computer and decent wifi but other than that you can get started right away! 

You can find user testing jobs with companies such as: 

Make and sell products 

You can sell your own products online from your own website, social media or using big sites such as Etsy or Amazon. 

Maybe you already make your own things such as jewellery or homewares that could be marketed online. 

Setting up an online store with Etsy is easy, you just need images and to know what price you want to charge. 

You could also produce digital products, such as birthday invitations, posters and organisers (calendars or checklists for example). These are simply downloaded by your customers after they have purchased them. 

There are lots of tips for selling products online here and for selling downloadable products here.

Amazon Flex 

If you have a car then delivering for Amazon Flex is a brilliant way to make extra cash. 

You sign up to the Amazon Flex app then reserve blocks of work and start making deliveries. Amazon says you can earn £13 to £15 an hour. 

Find out more about working for Amazon Flex here.  

Dog walking 

This is perfect if you love animals! Many people want someone to check in on their dogs during the day or can’t get out of house to walk them due to illness. 

You can connect with local people looking for a dog walker on local Facebook groups or using a dog walking service like Tailster. 

Becoming a Tailster carer means you immediately have access to lots of potential clients. You can find out more here.  

Childminding or babysitting 

This is a great way to earn extra cash if you have young children at home. The kids you care for can become playmates for your own children! 

If you want to become a childminder you will need for kids under eight you will need to register with Ofsted or a childminder agency. You can check the government guidance to see if you need to be registered here.

Many parents look for help with picking their kids up from school and providing them with dinner – as there are few jobs that end at 2.30pm to allow you time to pick up the kids from school. 

Alternatively you could offer babysitting (typically evening work). You can join agencies that will connect you with local customers, or advertise your services locally. 

If you have kids in school then you could get started by offering your services to fellow parents. It’s a good idea to a take a first aid course before getting started. 

You can read more about becoming a childminder here. 

Look for casual hospitality work 

The hospitality industry is really struggling to recruit right now and this could be a really great source of casual work. Contact local restaurants, pubs and cafes to see if they have any work going. 

Ask around to find flexible shifts, if you want to be able to make the work fit around your family life or other work. 

Don’t forget to be smart with spending 

A really important thing to remember when you’re trying to boost your income is to find ways to trim your spending and save money on your essentials. 

Some ways to cut back on your budget and help you towards that £500 extra per month are: 

  • Meal planning. Simple but effective. If you plan your meals, looking for deals on seasonal food, you will ultimately spend less. 
  • Save money on food. Buy cheaper cuts of meat and bulk out meals with cheap, healthy ingredients such as beans, pulses and rice. Freeze leftovers so that you have meals for another day. 
  • Pay annually not monthly. If you’re paying for things like car insurance monthly then you’re paying extra. If you pay your bills in one go you usually get a discount. Try to save throughout the year for these regular expenses – a sinking fund can help you do this. 
  • Save money on energy bills. There are lots of helpful ideas for cutting back on how much you spend on gas and electricity on the Energy Saving Trust website. 
  • Don’t forget to use cash back sites. This is the easiest money you can make! Use Top Cashback to click through to your favourite websites before shopping, then you get some of your money back! 

For more ways to save money check out my frugal living tips