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How to make £100 extra a month 

So you need to make an extra £100 a month?

There are lots of ways you can boost your monthly income without having to go out and find a new job, or even leave the house!

Woman making extra money every month

Online and flexible work has opened a ton of doors for people who want to earn a little extra money towards the bills every month. 

I started my blogging journey thinking I would be happy with £100 a month extra. It’s now my full-time income so you never know where your new income stream might lead you! 

I also have several other side hustles, which we will talk about in this article, that earn me an extra £100 cash every month. These are easily done in my own time from home and fit around the kids’ routines. 

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This post contains affiliate links.

How to earn £100 extra a month 

When you need extra cash it’s first of all very important to figure out how much time you actually have to devote to bringing it in. 

You also need to consider whether you need the money right now or if you can wait a few weeks or months for that extra cash to start to come in. 

I say this because some methods detailed here take more time than others to bring cash in. For example using a cash back site is a quick win you can do every time you buy products you’re planning to purchase anyway. 

But survey sites require time and effort on your part to take the surveys and concentrate on the answers. The pay per hour from taking surveys isn’t great, so if time is tight you may want to focus on another money-making method. 

Sign up to survey sites 

I have really enjoyed earning a little extra cash from survey sites. It’s not going to make me a millionaire but it’s a simple way to earn a few extra pounds a month for me. 

I only make a little bit here and there, but that’s because I don’t spend an enormous amount of time on survey sites. If you were to devote say five to 10 hours a week on doing surveys than you would easily bring in £100 in a month. 

With survey sites you will need to set time aside to do them and concentrate on your answers. If you are just ticking boxes at random you may see your surveys disqualified, meaning you earn nothing. 

Some great survey sites to try include: 

  • Prolific. This is my favourite survey site. It’s got some really interesting surveys and the payment is very competitive. 
  • YouGov. The big downside of YouGov is it takes forever to hit the number of points needed to withdraw £50. However the surveys are interesting. 
  • QMee. Easy to sign up and lots of surveys available. 

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Jobs that fit around school hours

Use cash back sites 

This is a quick win for earning extra cash. How much cash back you get obviously depends on how much you’re spending. 

It’s never a good idea to spend money for the sake of it, so when you spy an offer boasting of a great cash back deal do stop and consider whether you were going to buy it anyway. If you weren’t, then this isn’t a good deal, it’s just spending money! 

Signing up to a Top Cashback account is super quick and easy plus you will be impressed at the sheer volume of brands that are on there, from clothing companies to holiday booking websites. 

Become a dog walker or pet sitter 

If you love animals then this is a great way to earn a little extra cash. 

You would only need a small number of clients to earn £100 a month – possibly even only one depending on how much care they need you to do for their pet. 

How easy it is to get started in this area of work depends on your contacts initially. If you are friends with a lot of pet owners then ask around and see if anyone needs a hand with their pet. 

Advertise in local Facebook groups. Always do your research locally to see what other individuals or companies are charging for the same service, so that you can be competitive. 

Start a blog 

Blogging is a fantastic side hustle that can become a full-time earner!

You won’t make £100 a month from your blog right away. 

However I think it’s entirely possible to start earning £100 a month from around six months after starting your blog if you go about it the right way. 

The great thing about starting a money-making blog is that it’s also a really fun hobby, especially if you love writing. If you pick a niche you really love and are passionate about you will find the whole process much easier. 

In order to start a blog that will make you £100 a month quickly I suggest the following process: 

  • Pick a niche and stick to it. It’s important that your website is about just one thing. That one thing needs to be a topic that other people, your audience, will be interested in. So an online journal of your thoughts on life isn’t going to help you get monetised fast, but a website sharing helpful content for people will. Some niches that are profitable include: lifestyle, fashion, make-up, kids and parenting, food, organisation, positive mindset. 
  • Choose a domain name and purchase web hosting. You can start a blog for as little as £2.95 a month with BlueHost. You can also purchase your domain name through them too! When picking a domain name go for something that makes it clear what your site is all about. You may need to go through a few names before you find one that hasn’t been used yet. 
  • Get content on your site. Once your site is up and running (your host will provide you with help for getting your WordPress site going) now you need content. Think about your niche and what content will be useful for your audience. For example if your site is all about baking then you may want to do some recipe posts as well as posts that provide a beginner’s guide to baking, including the best tools for new bakers. 
  • Start building backlinks. This is an important part of your strategy for building traffic to your site and for growing your DA (Domain Authority). Growing your DA will help you pick up more sponsored posts so get working on this from day one. You can see my tips for growing your DA over on this post. 
  • Look for sponsored post opportunities. A great way to make money from your blog is with sponsored posts. The higher your DA, the better paid and more opportunities you will find. You can find sponsored post opportunities in blogger facebook groups, on Get Blogged and on Twitter under hashtags such as #bloggerswanted. 
  • Add affiliate links. Affiliate links are a great way to make money from your blog. When someone clicks the link to a product you recommend and then makes a purchase, you receive a percentage of the sale. There are lots of affiliate networks, perhaps the easiest one to get started with is Amazon although the commission rates are awful. AWIN, ShareASale and SkimLinks are also very well known affiliate networks that have lots of large brands signed up to them. Creating an account is easy. I suggest joining affiliate networks that are relevant to your niche right away and adding affiliate links early on, even when you’re getting hardly any traffic. This way you can start earning as soon as your traffic begins to build and you won’t have to go back over old posts to add the links. 

Mystery shopping 

Fancy being paid to shop? There are a ton of mystery shopping opportunities out there and if you live conveniently close to a big town centre it’s a seriously easy way to make some extra cash. 

Mystery shopping got even easier to get into in recent years with the launch of task apps. These tasks are often super quick to complete – for example taking a photo of a display in a supermarket then uploading it to the app. 

There are so many companies needing mystery shoppers that finding this type of paid work is pretty easy. 

Other tasks you may be asked to do include testing out company booking systems or visiting restaurants so you can report back on what your experience was like. 

Mystery shopping companies and recruiters you can try are: 

Some mystery shopping apps to download include: 

  • Roamler. This app sends you on small meters shopping tasks such as taking photos of the veggie aisle at your local supermarket. You will need to go through some initial tests to get started and then you can start earning. Roamler is invitation only but it’s easy to find invitations in forums online or going to the Roamler UK Facebook page. 
  • Field Agent 
  • iPoll 

Declutter and sell your stuff 

This way of earning an extra £100 a month has the added bonus of creating extra space in your home. 

The best way to get started with decluttering is to just take a deep breath and dive in. Don’t pick through drawers and shelves, empty them out and go through items one by one. 

When looking at items that you could sell, really think about whether you need them. Some items will be easier to let go than others.

I have made around £400 in the last couple of years from selling old stuff I have cleared out from our wardrobes, garage and loft so it’s well worth doing. 

Stuff that you can sell for cash might include: 

  • DVDs
  • CDs 
  • Clothes – including baby clothes 
  • Old wedding dress (this may hold sentimental value but you can make several hundred pounds from selling this on)
  • Toys 
  • Kids’ gear including pushchairs and high chairs 
  • Books 
  • Garden tools 
  • Furniture 

To sell your stuff try eBay or even better Facebook Marketplace which has no fees. Your local area probably has a buy and sell group on Facebook (to find it type the name of your town into Facebook search and “buy” and/or “sell”). This is a great way of selling as you can request people collect the items, which saves you the hassle of postage. 

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Enter prize draws 

Some competitions offer cash prizes to the winner and although this doesn’t provide you with a guaranteed income, it’s worth a shot. 

Join competition finder Facebook groups, which can help you spot decent competitions to enter. 

You will also find great opportunities for prizes on forums such as Money Saving Expert’s competitions board and Latest Free Stuff

Sign up to money-making apps 

There are apps you can download that will pay you for uploading your receipts or doing mystery shopper-type tasks. 

You won’t make a fortune on these apps, but they will help to contribute to your extra £100 a month. 

Some apps to try out include: 

  • Job Spotter. Take photos of ads you spot and upload them to the app and you’ll earn points that you can swap for Amazon vouchers.
  • Fronto. This app places adverts on your phone’s lock screen and pays you points whenever you unlock the phone. You switch points for cash or Amazon vouchers. This one does not pay well so you may find it more annoying that it’s worth. 
  • Snap My Eats. Pays you for uploading pictures of receipts you get after eating out. You get £1 for every five receipts you submit per month. So the earnings potential is limited here, but coupled with other methods of earning it can help you hit your goal. 
  • Shoppix. This app will pay you for uploading photos of your receipts. In exchange for this you will be given tokens that can be used to get rewards, such as cash via PayPal or Amazon vouchers. 
Saving money in a piggy bank after earning extra money every month

Try matched betting 

This side hustle involves taking advantage of the free bets offered by bookies to ensure you win every single time. 

There is a huge community around matched betting and it’s well worth reading into other people’s experiences before you give it a go for yourself. Some people report making thousands of pounds a year from their matched betting side hustle. 

Make the money you have work harder 

If you have money in savings then make sure it is doing the very best it can for you. 

This means ensuring it’s in the highest interest account you can find – which is tough going these days! 

Look into premium bonds, which are another good option. You won’t get interest but your premium bonds go into a monthly prize draw with the opportunity to win up to £1million. 

I just bought my first batch of premium bonds through NS&I last year and am hoping I’ll have a win on them soon. 

With your current account look for incentives being offered by other banks to switch. Many offer cash just for transferring your business to them. 

Rent out your home or driveway 

Got a room in your home that could be rented out to a tenant? This is an easy way to make extra cash, probably more than £100 a month, although of course it may be a big leap to consider having a stranger move in with you. 

You could also try renting out your driveway, which is particularly easy if you live in a built up town or city centre. There are websites that will connect you with customers such as Your Parking Space

Other ways to earn an extra £100 a month 

  • Find a part-time job. Bar work or cleaning work should be easy to come by, especially if you live in or near a large town. This work is often done in shifts so you can pick and choose what you do to fit around your life. 
  • Ironing. People will pay to get their laundry ironed! You can sign up to services that connect you with customers or start your own business. Advertise on local Facebook groups (every town has a residents’ group and most allow some business posts every week) or in your local paper to find customers. 
  • Make and sell products. If you’re creative then this is a lovely side hustle to get started with. If you’re handy on the computer then you could make digital posters or organisation spreadsheets for people to purchase from websites such as Etsy. Jewellery, handbags and personalised clothing are also great things to sell online. 

Final thoughts on making extra cash

One of the best things you can do if you need to make extra cash is to be open minded.

You may try several different things before you find a method to make extra money that really works well for you.

Have a brainstorming session so that you can figure out what methods may work best for you. It’s also a good idea to consider your own skillset and whether there are some creative ways you could use your existing skills to make extra cash. Maybe there’s some freelance work you can pursue?

Write down all of your ideas and have a think about where you might want to start. Remember some of these may not work out as you find they’re not something you enjoy or they’re giving you enough of a rate of return for the amount of time you’re putting in. Keep trying out new things and you will earn that extra £100!

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How to make £100 a month extra