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JamDoughnut App Review – Is It Worth Downloading?

Wondering whether the JamDoughnut cashback app is worth downloading to save you money?

I’ve been using the money-saving app for a few months now so feel ready to share an honest JamDoughnut app review. 

Jam Doughnut app review

The app boasts it can save you £800 a year! So is it any good and can it really save you that much? Read on! 

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JamDoughnut app quick verdict

I use JamDoughnut to pay for my food shopping, plus it’s come in handy for saving money on eating out too. I’ve made nearly £100 and payout is always prompt, plus it doesn’t take too long to reach the payment threshold.

An easy to use app with nearly all the major supermarkets available plus lots of other brands too.

Not always the most competitive rate of cashback, but well worth downloading.

What is the JamDoughnut app?

The JamDoughnut app lets you buy pre-paid gift cards from 150 brands. 

This makes it a little different from most other cashback apps and websites. 

You purchase a digital gift voucher rather than clicking through a link to make your purchase, or having your purchases tracked through your debit card. 

Now admittedly you can also buy gift vouchers with other cashback sites such as TopCashback, but you’ll find a way bigger selection of brands on JamDoughnut.

The advantage of this is many brands let you shop in store as well as online.

This is great for grocery shopping if you prefer to do it in store in person.

You collect points for every purchase of a gift card – the amount you can collect varies and is specified for each brand in the app – and then you cash out when you hit 1000 points. 

Is the JamDoughnut app legit?

Yes the JamDoughnut app is a legitimate way to make money.

I have been using JamDoughnut for several months and have now cashed out nearly £100.

Payments are always sent to my bank account in less than 24 hours!

How does JamDoughnut work?

Using the JamDoughnut app is simple, here are the steps to follow: 

  • Download the app and set up your account. Enter code 6FYD for a bonus 200 points on your first purchase!
  • When you are ready to make a purchase, go to the relevant brand’s page in the app and purchase a gift voucher to the value you want. Always double check where you can spend the voucher – online, in store or both – as some brands vary. 
  • You can make purchases with Google Pay, Apple Pay or bank transfer (no PayPal option here). 
  • Redeem your voucher when purchasing with the relevant brand. If buying in store simply show the barcode in your JamDoughnut app wallet, or when buying online type in your gift voucher’s code. 
  • Points for purchasing your gift cards will appear in your account almost straight away. 
  • When you reach 1000 points you can cash out £10. JamDoughnut will deduct a fee – I paid 30p on a £10.35 pay out. 

So to give you an example this is what you’ll see if you want to purchase a Morrisons Fuel gift card. As you can see, this specifies you can only buy in store which makes sense as it’s petrol!

You just need to tap purchase to input how much money you want to spend.

JamDoughnut app Morrisons fuel

With this particular gift card you have to specify in whole numbers, but with Sainsbury’s and other brands I have been able to be exact to the penny. This is handy if you want to get a gift card to cover your specific bill when checking out in store.

It’s great that it tells you what your cashback will be – makes your saving clear upfront.

Morrisons fuel JamDougnut app

Important tip for using JamDoughnut

It’s very important that you keep track of what pre-paid vouchers you have bought through the JamDoughnut app, as they will expire (the length of time this takes varies). 

As a general rule I only purchase a voucher through the app right when I am about to buy something from the relevant brand. 

You can even purchase vouchers through the app while at a checkout – it takes me less than three minutes (provided I have a signal to connect to the internet). 

The other day we bought dinner from M&S and while my husband unloaded the shopping basket, I quickly purchased a voucher through JamDoughnut. 

Then the cashier just took my phone and scanned the barcode – I must admit on one occasion the barcode would not scan but in this case they just inputted the code manually. It worked! 

Which brands are on JamDoughnut?

As with any other cashback app you will need to always double check the list of partnered brands as some can drop out without notice. Plus new ones may be added. 

One of my favourite things about JamDoughnut is the big brands present on the app including supermarkets I frequently use, including Tesco!

Fashionistas will love to see that Primark is on there and for those who love to refresh the decor of their home IKEA is on there too. 

And you can save money on your food and petrol with Morrisons.

You can also earn money off your travel, flowers, holidays and takeaways! 

Some of the biggest names on JamDoughnut include: 

  • ASDA
  • Tesco
  • Aldi – Please note that you won’t be able to scan the gift card from your app in store, you will need to print it off and bring it with you to the store
  • Cineworld
  • John Lewis
  • Waitrose
  • Sainsbury’s 
  • Virgin Experience Days
  • Costa
  • Caffe Nero 
  • B&Q
  • Just Eat 
  • Primark 
  • Screwfix
  • ASOS
  • Airbnb

How much cashback can you get with JamDoughnut?

The rate of cashback varies quite a lot from around 2.8% to as much as 16.9%.

Most of the brands are at around the 5-6% mark.

Pros and cons of JamDoughnut 


  • You’re not limited to online shopping. Many brands let you use the gift vouchers in store or online. 
  • Points appear in your account immediately – you don’t need to wait for it to be approved. With some other cashback sites it can take weeks. 
  • Super easy to use. 
  • Great range of brands signed up. 
  • You can get money off your supermarket shop with some of the biggest brands – M&S, Waitrose, ASDA, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s are all signed up. 
  • You can share your gift cards with friends, which means you can get them as a gift or share supermarket vouchers with your partner. 


  • Your gift cards are non-refundable. So you need to only make a purchase when you’re certain you will be spending with that brand. 
  • Can’t be layered quite as easily with other cashback apps, unlike other cashback sites. For example, when I purchase something from Argos I can click through from TopCashback and get cashback, plus I use my debit card connected to my Airtime Rewards account and get cashback through that too. With JamDoughnut you can’t do this as you’re buying your gift card with the app direct, then using that to fund your purchase and most brands won’t give you cashback on a gift card purchase (it’s worth checking each individual brand to see if they will). A good app to pair it with is Shoppix the receipt scanning app which accepts both physical paper receipts and e-receipts. 
  • Cashback rates may be less than other cashback sites. Always double check the value of cashback you could get from elsewhere to ensure you’re getting the best money back. 

What do I think of JamDoughnut?

I’m very happy using the JamDoughnut app and always think of it when making any purchases now. 

I do double check whether I can get better cashback rates on another website such as TopCashback.

However on the whole I find JamDoughnut very competitive – for example they offer 5.9% cashback on JustEat, whereas TopCashback offers 1% for existing customers (for new customers they offer 25% so it is worth using them for your first order). 

I think it is a huge advantage that many of the brands allow you to spend in store – this has been so handy for me on several occasions when I’ve dropped into a supermarket to grab dinner last-minute. 

I love the range of brands on the app – they’re ones that I frequently use as part of my day-to-day spending so it’s extremely practical from my point of view. 

How much can you save with JamDoughnut?

This really depends how much you shop and how many large purchases, like holidays, you make through the JamDoughnut app! 

For me personally in a normal month I can reasonably expect to earn £10 to £20 a month. 

That’s not quite the £800 JamDoughnut says you could earn, but I’m not a big shopper and of course I haven’t done a huge purchase through them – such as a holiday for example through Airbnb. 

But I think we can all agree that £120+ a year in savings is worth having! 

Final thoughts 

I thoroughly recommend signing up to JamDoughnut. 

It’s super easy to use and has so many brilliant brands for you to use – there will certainly be several you use at least on a semi-regular basis. 

As with any cashback app, do remember to keep an eye on your points and to cash out once you reach the 1,000 points threshold. And it’s also important with this one to track your pre-paid vouchers and make sure you spend them promptly, you don’t want them to expire! 

Don’t forget to use my code 6FYD for a bonus 200 points on your first purchase. 

If you like the idea of saving money with apps then do check out my Airtime rewards review and Shoppix review.

JamDoughnut app review