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My Mail Rewards: How to earn extra Nectar points

You can pick up extra Nectar points just by being a regular Mail reader thanks to the My Mail rewards club. 

The My Mail scheme, which is partnered with Nectar, describes itself as “the most generous” place to collect Nectar points – which can be spent in Sainsbury’s as well as hundreds of other retailers and brands. 

My Mail Rewards code in the Daily Mail

By purchasing the paper every day you can earn up to 250 points a month – which adds up to 3,000 points over the course of an entire year worth £15.

With those extra points you can use the boost to purchase a huge range of things under the Nectar scheme – which is partnered with a variety of brands from train firms to shops. We’ve got a Nectar points calculator here to help you figure out how much your points are worth.

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What is the My Mail rewards club?

The Daily’s Mail’s rewards club launched in 2017 and lets you collect Nectar points every time you purchase a copy of the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday. 

You simply need to link up your Nectar card to your My Mail account online. 

Then you just need to use the unique number that you can find inside your copy of the Daily Mail to earn Nectar points. 

Is My Mail worth it to boost your Nectar points?

The Mail costs 80p per copy during the week, £1.20 on a Saturday and £1.90 on a Sunday.

So if you purchase a Mail every day of the week it will cost you £7.10 per week.

The maximum number of Nectar points you can collect in a week by purchasing the Mail is 80 points, which are worth 40p.

So you need to spend £7.10 to get 40p back. For this reason it’s not worth buying the Mail specifically to boost your points, especially now that Sainsbury’s no longer offers its Double Up promotion.

Having said that MyMail runs offers that you may well find worth it as they sometimes boost the value of your points.

But if you already read the Mail every day and do not collect the Nectar points, you are missing a trick!

How to earn Nectar points with My Mail rewards club

There are a few different ways you can earn Nectar points with My Mail. 

The easiest, and cheapest, way is to purchase a copy of the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday every day. 

This is how it works: 

  • Buy a copy of the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday. 
  • Have your Nectar card ready. If you don’t have a Nectar card, then get one by registering at Nectar. 
  • Make sure you’re registered with a My Mail account by clicking “Get Started” on the My Mail website. You will need to link your Nectar account with your My Mail account – this is very easy. You will need your 11 digit Nectar card number and your online Nectar password. 
  • Find the unique number printed on the back page of the Mail. 
  • Enter this number into your My Mail account. 
  • You will need to enter the unique number on the back for every copy of the Mail you purchase in order to collect the points.
Linking Nectar with your My Mail account

There’s a simple video here showing you how to set up your My Mail account to earn Nectar points.

How many Nectar points can you get with the My Mail Rewards?

You will earn the maximum number of Nectar points available if your purchase the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday every day. But you can earn even more points if you are a subscriber to the Mail.

Let’s look at the options available and how much you will earn with each.

If you are not a subscriber

To collect points you will need to purchase copies of the Mail or Mail on Sunday then enter the unique number found on the back page into your online My Mail account.  

Enter your unique number from your Daily Mail onto the My Mail website

You will collect the following number of Nectar points for each copy of the Mail: 

  • Monday to Friday – 5 Nectar points each 
  • Saturday – 10 Nectar points 
  • Sunday – 15 Nectar points 

Plus you can earn a bonus 30 points if you purchase 5 newspapers out of 7 each week.

How many Nectar points you can collect with My Mail

If you buy all copies of the Mail then you will collect 80 Nectar points a week with the bonus. 

Those points are worth 40p a week, which adds up to £20.80 over the course of an entire year.

My Mail will occasionally provide extra offers – including ways to make the points you do collect go further – too so it is worth keeping an eye out for those on the MyMail homepage.

Subscribe for more Nectar points

My Mail will double your points up to a maximum of 250 extra points a month if you sign up to be a subscriber under the Ultimate Pack. Those 250 Nectar points are worth £1.25.

If you subscribe to the Digital Edition instead then you will receive an extra 50 Nectar points per month, which are worth 25p.

How much are My Mail Nectar points worth?

I have a Nectar points calculator over on this blog post so that you can check out the exact value of your Nectar points tally. 

You will also get a value calculation for your Nectar points on the Nectar app – so it’s definitely worth having that installed on your phone. 

The Nectar points you collect from My Mail are worth exactly the same as those you collect when shopping at Sainsbury’s or other brands signed up to the Nectar scheme. 

To give you a vague idea of what your Nectar points are worth, here’s a rough guide: 

  • 50 Nectar points are worth 25p
  • 100 Nectar points are worth 50p
  • 200 Nectar points are worth £1
  • 300 Nectar points are worth £1.50

This is a rough guide, because if you pick up special offers for spending your Nectar points then they can be worth a lot more. 

However there are other offers out there for spending your Nectar points. For example MyMail members can spend 1,000 Nectar points and redeem this transaction for a £5 M&S voucher to spend online or in store. Find out more about that offer here.

How to earn My Mail Nectar points without buying a paper

If you don’t fancy spending out on a copy of the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday every day of the week there is a way around it!

But you need to be a regular shopper in Waitrose. 

Under the supermarkets MyWaitrose card scheme, you get a free paper when you present your card IF you spend £10 or more in a branch of Waitrose. 

You get your choice of free paper, and the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday is one of the ones you usually get to pick from. 

So all you need to do is: 

  • Shop in Waitrose and spend £10 or more. 
  • Present your MyWaitrose card at the checkout to claim a free copy of the Daily Mail. 
  • Skip to the unique reference number and add it to your online account when you get home. Easy!

Of course this only really saves you money if you already shop at Waitrose on a regular basis. 

Plus if you want to claim the full amount in Nectar points then you will need to do this process at Waitrose every day. That means you will need to spend a minimum of £70 a week in Waitrose to get your free copies of the Mail. 

As I said, this only makes sense if you already shop regularly at Waitrose. 

Are Daily Mail rewards worth collecting?

If you already buy the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday then yes you should definitely be sure to collect the Nectar points each issue of the paper offers.

Although £13 a year is not a life-changing amount of money, you can increase that if you’re a subscriber under the Ultimate Pack and by keeping an eye out for special ways to spend your points you can make that money go further.

But it’s not just Sainsbury’s where you can earn and spend points.

You can also earn extra points at other retailers are takeaways, such as Dominos.

If you’re smart and link your Nectar card up with all of the available brands that are a part of the scheme then you will earn more points and have that little bit extra cash to help you out.

My Mail rewards

Final thoughts on My Mail and Nectar

It’s well worth setting up a My Mail account and linking your Nectar card if you are a regular reader of the Mail (and by that I mean you pick up a copy of the paper).

The My Mail rewards scheme is slightly less generous than it was, but if you’re already a reader then it’s well worth taking advantage of collecting those points.

How many Nectar points can you earn with My Mail rewards